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Landing Pages: Track Marketing Results On Your Web Site Last Updated 18 November, 2015

Let's take a look at how to set up a customized marketing campaign using a landing page on your web site.

In this technique, customized business application focused on marketing, I will describe how to setup a custom landing page that links to destination page on your web site with a free Google Analytics (GA) account.

The destination page denotes a marketing action you want your customer to accomplish - fill out a request info, view a page, watch a movie, or upload/download a file.

Design Your Marketing Process

Here we go in a step by step description to design and implement this technique.

#1 Make a specific web page or blog post that has your marketing information. Typically, this is called a landing page. There are some good (paying) services that will automate landing page creation for you, but you can easily make one your self. Or, hire me to do it (shameless plug). Here is a landing page for a local roofing service:

#2 Next, make a specific page that is designed to have the reader take action. This is known as a conversion page. In other words, whatever marketing action you want the reader to do on #1, provide a page where they do that next. In this example, the targeted marketing action for a reader to take in #1 is to request information by filling out one of the forms on page #1. When that is form is submitted, the reader will be taken to

#3 Identify the page(s) that will lead the website reader to your page in #2 (where the marketing action will take place). We will call this the originating page - where the marketing effort begins. This could be any other page on your site.

Congratulations, you have just setup a conversion process on your web site: converting a reader to a information requester. Hopefully the next conversion will be from an information requester to a buyer of your service.

Adjusting Content To Improve Results

By adjusting the content in 1) your landing page content (#1) and/or 2) the originating page content (#3) you can tweak your custom marketing process.

A. If no one is clicking the link in the landing page content or the originating page content, then that text/content is not compelling.
B. If people are clicking the link landing page or originating page, but not completing the targeted marketing action (#2) then that content or offer in #2 is not compelling.

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