Online Marketing FAQ

These are the most five commonly asked questions to us about internet marketing, along with our answers.

My website isn’t generating leads or inquires – what should I do?

There could be a number of reasons why your website isn’t generating enquiries, leads or sales: lack of keyword optimization, low search engine ranking, website technical problems, lack of indexable content for search engines to crawl, non-friendly website navigation or structure, lack of conversion strategy – the list is virtually endless.

Our SEO Evaluation Analysis services will provide you with a complete health check of your website performance and bring to your attention potential problems that could be holding it back. Also, these services will provide suggestions on how to rectify problems using proven internet marketing, search engine optimization and website usability techniques.

Why isn’t my website ranked at the top of search engines for what our business offers?

Highly ranked websites have certain things in common – they have unique, interesting content, their website content has been optimized for search engines using popular keywords and they have good-quality inbound links from relevant, trusted and respected websites. Our Search Engine Ranking Service address all these internet marketing methods.

We get a high quantity of website visitors but only a few conversions – what are we going wrong?

What sets us apart from most internet marketing companies is that we not only focus on getting high search engine rankings for websites, we also focus on improving your website visitor experience and conversion ratio. Being top of Google search results is great, but if visitors aren’t converting, you’re leaving money on the table! Our website usability testing and Website Visitor Reporting & Analytics services will identify and monitor visitor behaviour and gain insight into problem areas or road-blocks that should be addressed to improve overall website usability.

We want to know how our website visitors behave – how do we find this out?

Tracking, understanding and monitoring website visitor behavior is fundamental to the success of your website promotion activities. Implementing Website Visitor Reporting & Analytics will help you understand how new and existing visitors behave when they arrive from organic search engine rankings or paid advertising campaigns. Analysing visitor behaviour and making necessary website changes will increase your conversion rates and provide a better experience for your potential customers.

Should we submit our website to thousands of search engines and directories regularly to promote our business online?

In a word – NO! The practice of automating search engine submission is known as spamming and can earn penalties from search engines and online directories alike. Internet marketing success is based on quality not quantity. Our services include targeting relevant, industry-based sites, achieving high rankings in search engines and attracting website visitors looking for your products and services.

Tuning Your Digital Intelligence

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