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Our mission is to enrich the online business of our clients with robust websites and apps to enhance their business reputations.

Our successful online content marketing strategies are customized to reach your target audience(s). We also provide website hosting on premium servers with unlimited bandwidth and email accounts.

The first and foremost marketing goal, of every website, is achieving organic search engine results.

Our web development services integrate content marketing into your web pages and digital media to produce reliable results that boost your online business presence.

Website design involves an effective visual design, an engagement strategy, and includes varied types of media. A website is the starting piece in every marketing plan that is comprehensive and sustains your online business reputation.
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These are the top level ideas when considering how to build a web page. It is worth noting that the “template” of your web site is the design layout of how each page will look. Use the latest methods to build components into your web page design template. For example, use a common footer. Have the footer component of your page be one piece of code. This makes it easy to up date every page by performing content edits in one place. The bottom line is building your pages with “content compose nets” gives you the flexibility of content/media while making sure the design elements are consistent.

#1 Simplicity
Appeal to the rich that is your target audience. As a general rule, don’t use too many colors or typefaces. But, using a unique typeface, that is readable on all devices, will help define the quality you offer. The graphics should be clean and load quickly all viewer devices.

#2 Visual Appeal
Use an innovative but not distracting design. The whitespace on your pages needs to encourage thought and action while at the same preventing a distraction. A simple, clean design with whitespaced makes a web site more effective. In case your are wondering what that means, looks at the tech giants like Apple and Google to see how they are using whitespace.

#3 Navigation The less clicks to get to your prime objective is better. How many clicks are required to see your prime product? Keep the primary navigation towards the top of your page. Include navigation in your footer - the bottom portion of your web page.

#4 Provoking
Make sure the content is working to capture interest. For example, one heading can be, “find a plumber” but a more engaging heading will be “easily winterize your pipes”. You want your design to outpace the logic of a user so your content increases conversions. One example of a conversion is when a web site visitor takes action to be a subscriber or a buyer of your services.

#5 Consistent
Your business has a reputation now. Your web site will be an representation of that reputation. Make sure your design is delivering the qualities of your business through the template design. To accomplish this make sure every element, down to the details, a reflection of your reputation. There are no minor details in a design – every piece must fit together and create a seamless appearance that builds the appeal of your brand.

#6 Accessible
Recent research by comScore, shows that users with a tablet grew 30% between 2013 and 2015.

Smartphone internet consumption, meanwhile, grew 78% during the same time period. The takeaway here: In order to provide a truly great user experience, your site needs to be compatible with the different devices (and operating systems, and browsers) that your visitors are using.

Use a built in responsive design to easily reach any device used to view your pages. When you build your site with an effective web development strategy, you have one web site that which automatically is viewable on all computing devices: smart phone, tablet, lap top, and desk top.

#7 Optimize
Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is very important to your marketing efforts. SEO techniques are applied to web page content, as well as, web site architecture - file names and directory structure. At the very least, be sure to have a unique meta tag description included on each page. Meta data is the text seen as the description of a site in Google search. These words attract a searcher’s attention and indicate if a search result is particularly relevant to the searcher. For this reason, including keywords in your meta description can draw in visitors.

Responsive web design is an approach to web design which makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes. Recent work also considers the viewer proximity as part of the viewing context as an extension for RWD (Responsive Web Design).

What is A Web Content Writer?

Content media on the web takes a variety of forms: blog posts, social media posts, video and audio recordings, web pages, white papers and more. Content writing is the service that generates the content in each of those media.

A content writer produces specific content, in the media you are using, to describe the features and benefits of your services/products with the goal of attracting people into your sales funnel.

Five Tips To Writing Content

#1 Do you keyword research first. A tool like Google Ad Words is a good place to conduct research. It has a specific function “keyword planner” that allows you to preform comprehensive research to drill down on specific topics or to explore what the keyword strategy of your competition.

#2 Short is better than long. Keep your text segments to the point. The attention span of readers is quick, when you provide lengthy text it is likely to go unread.

#3 Active is better than passive. Here are an example of each to give you the difference.

Active: Over thirty percent of the applicants failed the exam.
Passive: The exam was failed by over thirty percent of the applicants.

#4 Arouse the interest of web page readers. Wharton marketing professor Jonah Berger says this your goal is to accomplish stimulating interest in your readers so they want to share what you have. The best way to do that is solve problems.

Identify the problems a potential buyer will have which your products solve, and place that specific information into your content. And, of course, you want to make some social media buttons handy so your readers can click them to share your content with their network. The site has such a script to easy place social media icons on any page or blog.

#5 Content is more than the sum of words. A content writer produces “content marketing” which is much more than creating, distributing and sharing content in order to engage audiences. A premium content marketing strategy is designed to 1) put more people and prospects into your sales funnel; 2) convert your web page visitors into a subscriber or a sales lead; and 3) improve your branding.

Always remember, the very first marketing goal of every web site is to accomplish organic search results, on the first page, of search engine results.

Be sure that your content writing is built with, is based on, sufficient keyword research.

More and more free tools become available to optimize your content. Keep an eye our for them and implement them on your pages.

Here are two free tools:

A. The Data Structure tool provided by Google has replaced the “keywords meta tag”. You can learn more about that tool at the Search Console, aka Web Master Central website, provided by Google. Bing also has a Web Master Central website that should be used to enhance your marketing in those results.

B. Every wonder what your site looks like from a different location? Every wonder if your site is operating correctly at other locations. Geo Peeker will show you your site from locations around the globe.

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