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Your business website must be designed with the architecture and Search Engine Optimization, SEO, methods that appeal to your target audience.

We have building, publishing, and maintaining business websites for years. Our SEO tactics are successful based on the customized online marketing requirements of each client.

Our goal is to help you improve your online marketing, that means reach your target audience - the people most likely to purchase your product or service.

Digital marketing begins with building a better website instilled with current content marketing techniques. That effort, combined with search engine marketing, produces new visitors to your website. Your website is machine that engages visitors and converts them from a visitor to a subscriber or a buyer.

Two elements to success in your business website….

Displaying quality content establishes your business reputation, which is the most important aspect of every online marketing effort.

Understanding the activity taking place on your website in conjunction with social media, and your marketing channels. This is accomplished using Google Analytics.

Over the years, after I have discussed the value of professional websites - content marketing machines - with hundreds of businesses. The main obstacle is reluctance to invest $1,000 - $5,000 a year to showcase the business in the online world.

On the other hand, I have also seen business owners spending $400 a MONTH with the yellow pages and they received zero INDIVIDUAL results in the search engines; and many other business owners spending $99 a MONTH to accomplish SEO (search engine optimization) with guys that are not local, they don't understand the local competition trends.

I have been successfully accomplishing SEO for years with local businesses and national businesses.

When you think of your online content as just another marketing expense, you will always be led to underspend.

For example, if you spent $500 in one MONTH in Google Ad Words and/or Facebook Promotions advertising campaigns, the only thing you bought were ads appearing in the search/page results and the resulting clicks from those ads.

Consider this, as soon as you stop paying, your advertising and clicks completely stop. GONE.

To me, that is a time-told-truth example of a marketing expense. You pay and you get something but when you stop paying it immediately goes away.

However, if you spend $2,500 in a year to hire people to write content, that content becomes the property of your organization. It is used time and time again. Untold hundreds, or thousands, maybe millions, of people will see this content on your web site and social media. That content will immediately build your business reputation in the eyes and minds of potential buyers - forever.

With that understanding, it's easy to see that creating content for your business, is an endeavor establishing a permanent asset and not temporary ad space. Do you agree? Leave me a comment.

With Respect, Steu
Steu Mann, Owner

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