With years of producing successful SEO on business websites, for local SEO and National SEO, we will review your website and provide you with a written review.

This review will provide you with specific issues on what is hampering your SEO and, most importantly, how to fix and resolve each issue.

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Benefits To You, Benefits To Your Business

1. We will contact you to discuss your online business objective in a 30-45 minute call.
2. After that call, we will research your existing website and/or blog along with your two main competitors.
3. We will email you a written report with 10-15 specific items that currently inhibit or reduce your SEO effectiveness. In that report, for each of those items, will provide you with a "how to fix" it.
4. The day we email the report to you will reach out to you with a second call to setup another phone call where we will review the content of the report we emailed to you.


1. We will call the phone number you provide to us within 48 hours of receiving your payment.
2. Your written report will be completed and sent to you via email with five business days of our first phone conversation with you.
3. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or we will refund 100% of your $99.

We do not work with websites that perform illegal actives, provide sexual content, or abuse email guidelines with regard to SPAM.