Interview Questions For Podcast Session

The questions below are a sample of what we will walk though in our interview to create your podcast session.

There is no problem if you want to change up, or modify, the questions. I am thinking that our published podcast session will last 25-40 minutes.

The synchronicity of our interview will bring out the best points to educate the audience and benefit their understanding of your product/services.

The target audience of the podcast sessions are website administrators and business website owners.

Sample Questions

1. Introduction - speak about yourself and why you created your product/service.

2. Benefits - who receives the benefits of your product/service? Is it website admin or customer?

3. Benefits - what are the benefits …. describe them.

4. Problem Solving - what are the challenges a website admin faces now, which your product/service will solve and/or automate?

5. How does your product/service build a better website?

6. What level of technical skill/experience is required for implementation and maintenance? What support is available?

7. Future plans for product development?

8. Anything else website admin should know about your product/service?

When podcast is published I will send you a link to your session, which will be visible on this page and RSS feed too. The podcast is on oTunes and on RSS distribution sites.

I am hoping that you'll place the that session link, along with the image, shown at top of this page, on one of your web pages. This is a smaller size of the image which can be reduced to fit appropriately into your content.