Online Business Cycle

Building Quality Inbound LInks

Your online business reputation is determined by a number of factors, which are collected in algorithms by different businesses. Perhaps the most well know is Google, but there are others.

Domain Authority is not associated with Google, at this point, and they use a sale of 0 to 100 as their rating system. The closer your site is to 100, the more “authority” it has.

One method alogrhtyms use to evaluate your website/domain is the number and quality of inbound links that exist.

An inbound link is a link to your website/blog from another website/blog.

Social media may be the most common and easiest way to establish inbound links to your website, but there are others that contribute to building the data factor on your domain/website.

The chart below shows the different factors in the cycle of an online business.

This effort is a segment of your content marketing strategy

Let's duscuss building quality inbound links for your website.

Your website design is the foundation of your inbound links. As you build superior content, then other businesses and platforms want to share your information with their website visitors.

Social media is a method you can use to build inbound links. For example, when you leave a link to your web page in a post. Another inbound link is when you put your website link in the description section of a video you post on YouTube and Vimeo.

Email marketing is a very popular method of information distribution. If you are searious about building your online business, you must develop it.

The holy grail of all website owners, is producing organic search results when a potential buyer searches Google or Bing, using a phrase or key word related to your products/services. You want to be on the first page of search results - as of today - there are 10 spaces for organic results - not counting the ads that are displayed.

Digital marketing is always an ongoing effort.

Let's duscuss building quality inbound links for your website.

There are four main elements of every online business.

You have to know your target audience and understand the characteristics of them. This understanding, which is ongoing, will help you find where they hang out on the internet and also what benefits they are looking for. You have to solve problems for your target audience with the benefits of your products and services.

Collecting data on your website visitors is important, but you must also follow the current privacy regulations which are still under development today.

With the sweat equity you pour into your website and online content, make sure, whenever possible, that you own it. Yes, as the copyright owner, but also as to where your content is distributed. For example, you don’t want to put months or years of content on a platform that can shut you off, cancel your account, and you have no recourse with them.

As a website owner, you are a content creator, content publisher, and content distributor. Build a system to accomplish creating and pushing your content onto the internet with the minimum number of labor hours.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is necessary to produce organic search resutls. Is it time for a review of your website?

Let's duscuss building quality inbound links for your website.