We offer customized online marketing services to build your business reputation and expand your sphere of influence with your target audience using qualified content marketing techniques.

Our web development experience and digital media services build your content marketing machine to produce organic search engine results on your business.

With a few key phrases and a Google search bar, a consumer can become an instant expert on a product or service without spending a dime. Will they find you in the organic search results?
Steu Mann
Digital Media Services

Digital media includes videos, images, and written content that comprise a website or blog. Our services provide for the development, creation, and monitoring of your digital media to keep it current, and to keep your website "fresh" in the search engine algorithms.

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The primary goal of every website is to establish organic listings on the first page of search results using word and/or sentences that relate to the business services and products.
Steu Mann

Our clients benefit with the professional website, quality digital media, and marketing content that we provide.

Many of our clients come to use with an existing website that no longer represents their products and services. And, other clients have come to us without any existing website.

Whatever your situation is today, we will build your content marketing machine in a customized manner that accomplished the marketing goals we establish together.

How Much To Pay For Video Production

The cost is determine by the level of video producer. The four likely video production categories are amateur, semi-pro, professional, and premium.

A DIY yourself approach from a provider that is self taught.
The cost on a one - two minute video is free - sweat equity - and the quality can be good or bad.

A business offering video services from a background of producing video or other digital media who also has some training. This outfit uses their own equipment. The cost of a one - two minute video ranges from $150 to $1,250 depending on the time required to capture the material that makes the video. The main elements to consider when rating video content are music, content flow, header slide, footer slide, SEO features, content flow, brand recognition, and quality of video - 4K.

A business dedicated to producing digital media with over five years of experience. They have their own equipment. This type of video material involves staging an event at a specific location to produce, for example, a corporate video. The cost of a one - two minute video ranges from $5,000 - $20,000 depending on the time involved and rounds of edits agreed to in the contract.

A business dedicated to producing digital media with over a decade of experience. they have their own high-end equipment and probably a professional studio. This video content is closer to a movie style filming. he cost of a one - two minute video ranges from $25,000 - $50,000 depending on the time involved and rounds of edits agreed to in the contract.

The remaining level of video production is Hollywood, making a professional feature video, requiring an effort, and expenses, which are substantial increased over what the costs we are discussing up to this point.

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Interesting and useful video marketing statistics

Theses are available from hubspot.com and published by them in 2017.

56% of all video published are two minutes in length or less.

The four most popular types of videos are explaining something, product demos, how-to, and/or testimonials.

37% of video are attached through to the end.

85% of businesses now have internal staff and resources to produce video.

Video marketing is one of themost effective online marketing tools avaialble. It's a fairly straightforward method to create digital media that will enhance your business reputation
Steu Mann